Parlor Palm

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AKA Chamaedorea Elegans, Neanthe Bella Palm

Parlor Palms are super popular houseplants as they bring a tropical jungle vibe to any space, they do well in lower light, are fairly easy to care for, and are non-toxic to pets!

Please note you will receive a similar plant as shown in the picture in the relevant size selected. As with all living things no two plants are the same - there may be some very slight variation from the plant pictured. 

We always strive to ensure that all plants are in the same condition as the one pictured however the shape and look of the leaves may differ. 

Botanica Collective offers a great selection of Melbourne Indoor Plants that are delivered not posted to you. We offer delivery to over 300 suburbs across Melbourne. We also offer click and collect at our Fitzroy store.

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