Neem Oil Spray

Neem Oil Spray

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Propagatus Concentrated Neem Oil contains certified Organic Neem Seed Oil (cold pressed) 85% and Organic wetting agent (15%).

Neem Oil can be both preventative and a cure for many pest but can also assist in overall plant health.

How to use Neem Oil on your houseplants.

  • Apply directly to soil - the soil and roots absorbs this neem oil and deters living insects from eating, mating, and can in some cases stop larvae from hatching.

  • Spray on leaves - this both helps give the leaves a nice shine and by spraying on the undersides of leaves where insects and eggs tend to reside it can help prevent pest.

NOTE: Not all plants love Neem Oil, Please test on one leaf before applying to all your plants. 

When applied correctly, please follow instructions to as correctly dilute neem oil is non-toxic and safe to use around kids and pets.

Best spraying late afternoon. Do not spray in direct sunlight.
Spraying should be repeated weekly.

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