Winter vs Plants

Should I change how I look after my plant in the winter?

Short answer YES

The majority of houseplants are from tropical regions where the seasons are less extreme than in Melbourne. Because their natural conditions are a similar to your beautiful warm home, they make excellent houseplants.

During the autumn and winter seasons, there are a few changes that can alter how you care for your indoor plants. Make sure your plant isn't too close to a heater, as the high temperatures will cause its soil to dry out faster.

Your plant will be unhappy if it is exposed to cold draughts from inadequately insulated windows or frequently opened doors. When a plant is exposed to extremely cold air, it can die in minutes.

Avoid making drastic temperature changes that could shock your houseplant. If you turn off the heat when you leave, your plants should be moved to the warmest part of the house.

Because of the shorter daylight hours in the winter, your plant may need to be put closer to a window to get the most out of the available light. Make sure to wipe down any dust off the leaves so they can absorb all of the sun's light.

While there are exceptions, most plants grow in the spring and summer before slowing down or even going dormant in the winter. As a result are using up less water and nutrients, so water them less often and stop fertilising them until the spring.