Tips on keep both your plants and pets healthy

Knowing and understand how to care for your plants and pets can assist you in keeping your pet safe and preventing unneeded trips to the vet, since eating the wrong plant might induce seizures or tremors in your pet. You can achieve the urban jungle of your dreams without putting your pets' health at risk. 

1 Keep your plants out of reach of children.

Using a hanging planter or a plant stand can make it more difficult for your pets to get to your plants. To keep your plants' leaves out of reach while looking wonderful, we recommend our handcrafted macrames by Made by Dayle.

2 Dig it

Cover the soil with huge pebbles if your pet likes to scratch and dig in your plants. This conceals the loose soil that initially drew them in otherwise we might have a mess on our hands

3 Try smell repellent

Lavender, citrous, and garlic are some of the odours that put your dogs off. When you mix them in water and spritz your plants, your pets will turn their backs on your greenery. Stay clear from vinegar at all costs! Some people feel that diluting vinegar with water is a remedy, but it really causes more damage than good to leaves.

4 Choose plants that are especially suited to your pets.

Give your pets something more appealing to chew on to divert their focus away from your plants. Basil, camomile, thyme, and mint are all safe to consume and provide your pet with the plant-eating joy they want.