Prepare Houseplants for Autumn

  1. If they've been chilling outside, bring them in, its cold in Melbourne
  2. Repot if needed
    although spring is the best time to repot houseplants as this is their active growing season, now is also a wonderful time if any of your babies that had an active summer and are too small for their pot. Remove the plant from the container and inspect the roots; if they appear congested, looping around, or crawling out the drainage hole, it's time.
  3. Give them a trim
    good time to tidy up houseplants, remember to use clean sharp scissors. Wipe the blades of your scissors/shears with rubbing alcohol between each cut
  4. Move them into the light
    take note of how light enters the room and adjust your plant placement accordingly; this is something you should do every few months.
  5. Finally be careful with watering and extreme temperatures
    hot and/or cold extremes temps can stress plants, so be careful about where your plants are living. Overwatering is one of the most common houseplant mistakes, and it's a simple error to make in the autumn. They grow more slowly and use less water when there is less light. Wait at least a few days between waterings unless you have really thirsty plants or an extremely dry environment.