Pot It Like It's Hot

Here is a quick guide on how to repot your plants

What You’ll Need:

A nice new pot about 5cm bigger than your old pot

Fresh potting mix

A small trowel and of course your plant



Be sure to water your plant thoroughly a day before repotting so that it’s hydrated.


Step 1:

Remove your plant from its original pot by careful turning it on its side, holding it gently by the stems and trying not to damage the plant, and tapping the bottom of the pot and squeezing the sides of the pot until the plant slides out.

Step 2:

Loosen up the compacted soil and gently spread out the roots (unless it's a FLF). Remove as much of the old potting mix surrounding the plant as you can. As your plant grows it slowly uses up all the nutrients in the current potting mix, so you’ll want to give it as much new fresh potting mix.

Step 3:

Fill your new pot with a layer of new potting mix and now put your houseplant into the new pot and add more potting mix to the top and to the sides so that the plant is centred and secure. Press the soil down gently so it is compact.

Step 4:

Water lightly and you’re done.