Watering Tips

Wait, That Plant is Drowning!
Overwatering is the biggest killer of indoor plants.
Love but don't over love your plants, as it’s easier to revive a thirsty plant than a drowned one.

Every plant has different water requirement, there isn't a golden rule to watering. However here are some helpful hints.


Lets start with how you are watering your plants. Gently water the potting mix evenly, making sure the roots are well hydrated, because that where the action is really happening! We recommend watering cans with the filter that showers your plants. This gives them time to absorb the water.

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Know your plants, some plants like more water than others, some like less. You can't treat your cactus like your maidenhair fern. Ferns like lots of water, while a cactus really doesn't mind if you forget it once in a while. So, before you water do some research.


Plants need more water in the growing seasons which for most plants is spring and summer than they do during winter when they are dormant. Plants are actively growing during the spring and summer and they need water to be able to do that. However not only do the plants need water to grow, there is more light and more light means more water required. The sun is hotter during the summer months, causing the potting mix to dry quicker. Especially if they are in direct sunlight or by a window compared to plants that are in the shade.
Keeping the same water schedule all year round and not taking the seasons into consideration can lead to you plant drowning. Overwatering can cause issues like yellow leaves, mold, and insect infestations. To make sure you are giving them the right amount of water is to check on them weekly and put your finger in the potting mix (to the knuckle) and see if the potting mix is dried out. If it is then it's time to water, if it isn't give them a week off.


Plants are like Goldilocks from the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, everything needs to be just right . Just because your parents made you wear a school uniform that was too big even to this day, your plant baby isn't going to grow into their over-sized pot. When it is time to upgrade your plant to a new pot, choose one that is just about 5-7cm wider than the last one. Slow and steady wins the race.


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Plants don't like sitting in water. When a plant’s roots sit in water for too long, they will eventually rot.  So remember to remove any excess water to avoid wet feet and root rot. On the other hand, if your plant’s are consistently too dry you’re likely under-watering. The best way is to allow the potting mix to out before watering to ensure your plants are receiving the right amount of water.