Monstera Deliciosa

The OG in Houseplants sometimes called Swiss Cheese Plant or Fruit Salad Plant.

Monsteras are a tropical climbing vine plant



Monstera Deliciosa prefer weekly watering and appreciate misting of the leaves too. However don’t replace watering for misting. Allow the soil to dry out between watering, especially during the winter.



Monstera Deliciosa can handle the standard Melbourne humidity but they do also enjoy a humid environment.



Monstera Deliciosa are happy to live in Melbourne however temperatures below 10ºC can cause damage to the plants.



With all houseplants the best time to fertilise is in their growing season which is spring to summer.



Monstera Deliciosa are toxic to both people and animals if you consume them, so please don’t. Excluding their very interesting fruit that they can produce.


Common Issues:

Yellowing leaves can be from too much light or your Monstera Deliciosa might be suffering from rot root.


Browning leaves:

indicates your plant has been getting too little light or has suffered from low humidity.