Bottom Watering 101

Bottom watering is exactly what it sounds like: allowing a plant to drink from the bottom up, and it's something that plants love.

Why Bottom Water?

When should you bottom water and why? This method works well as a normal watering practise, but it's especially useful when plants are really thirsty after you've been away or just forgot to water them.

How to Bottom Water

Step 1: Take your plant out of its beautiful pot if it's still in nursery/plastic pot and place it in a drip tray or another container with a few cm of water. We do it in the sink. Bonus points if you also add your fertiliser into the water.

Step 2: Place your plant in the water in its plastic nursery pot and soak it for 30 minutes to several hours until it's done drinking. During this time, you can also water over the top. 

Step 3: Allow it to drain completely in the sink, bathtub, or outside after removing it from the water before putting it back in its decorative pot.